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Title: Fun from Croatia!
Post by: klav on Jul 24, 2004, 15:40
Croatian police arrest soap stars

Dozens of soap opera stars have been arrested during filming after police mistook them for car thieves.

Cast members in the Croatian soap opera Villa Maria were filming scenes in the northern village of Pregrada.

But when officers saw a number of cars being driven around without number plates, they made their arrests.

The officers, who didn't recognise the actors, refused to believe the cast when they said they had replaced the real number plates while they were filming.

Top Croatian actress Ksenija Pajic told the local daily Vecernji List: "The officers did not want to accept our documents and the explanation that we were filming a small part of the soap opera."

The cast were released hours later when an officer recognised Pajic.

and also:

MP caught watching porn in parliament

A Croatian MP was spotted watching a porn movie in parliament when he was supposed to be debating road safety.

He was allegedly seen watching an X-rated film on a laptop he had brought into parliament, local weekly Globus reported.

One person in parliament who spotted the MP's dirty movie said: "Within a few seconds he had the attention of all his male colleagues. It was very amusing."

The MP allegedly spent five minutes watching the porn film before closing his laptop. No action is expected to be taken against him.

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Title: Re: Fun from Croatia!
Post by: CortezTod on Mar 13, 2017, 06:28
What is the story soap opera.